A Modern Diagnostic Center

PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios laboratory is a modern diagnostic center operating in Nea Moudania since October 2007. Medical Biopathologist-Microbiologist Vasileios Papageorgiou is the Scientific Director of the Lab.

Our Vision

We focus on the continuous improvement of our Lab and its establishment as the leading and unquestionable choice among the diagnostic centers in Chalkidiki and Northern Greece in general. We invest in state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and responsible entrepreneurship, creating added value:

  • To the medical community, by standing out for our professionalism, responsibility, and quality of services
  • To our staff and partners, by trying to offer an ideal working environment and attract the most capable individuals in the industry

Our Mission

Recognizing the need for excellent cooperation between the Laboratory and the Clinical Medical Practice, our mission is the correct selection of laboratory tests and their reliable execution, aiming at the accurate and timely diagnosis of medical disorders and providing optimal medical care to the patients. We serve this purpose with respect for the patients, extroversion, credibility, effectiveness, and emphasis on quality.

Our Values

PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center has entered the second decade of operation, guided by diachronic values that direct our actions and determine how we interact with our patients and partners.

  • Human-Centered Approach:We serve with consistency, and we personalize our services to cover every need. We keep our promises towards our patients, and we build long-term relations based on proper support and the effort for continuous improvement.
  • Integrity:Professional ethics, integrity, and honesty in our relationship with our patients are non-negotiable for us. We want to be proud, not only of the targets we have achieved but also of the way we achieved them. We strive for PLUS to be a diachronic guarantee for the medical community and our partners.
  • Quality and Reliability:The search for quality is a primary and constant pursuit for all of us. It concerns both the materials, consumables and reagents we use, as well as the services we provide. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible experience, combined with the validity and reliability of our results.
  • Innovation and Continuous Development: We envision the future, and we are constantly looking for ways to integrate scientific and technological developments into our daily operation to offer real value to our company, the medical community, and our patients.
  • Professionalism and Commitment to Excellence:We set high goals. We work for them with passion, and we take responsibility for achieving results. We demand the best, both from ourselves and from our partners.
  • Collaboration and Efficiency:All PLUS employees act with team spirit, loyalty to the company, and commitment to the patients, which are the focus of our activities. We are proud to work together to achieve our common goals, utilizing the ideas and capabilities of everyone in the best possible way.


Analyzers of High Standards

Implementing international standards and modern practices, PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center performs a broad range of diagnostic tests. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art analyzers that guarantee reliable and high-precision results.