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What is home blood collection?

Home blood collection is a phlebotomy service administered by a mobile phlebotomist outside the diagnostic center.

The blood draw can take place at the patient’s home, his workplace, or any other place he will indicate.

What is the aim of home blood collection?

A home blood draw is a quick and efficient procedure that aims to serve:

  • Vulnerable groups of patients, such as children and elderly patients
  • People with movement difficulties
  • Employees
  • Businesses
  • Sport associations
  • Organizations

Home blood collection services by PLUS diagnostic center

Recognizing the need for blood sampling at the patient’s area, PLUS diagnostic center provides home blood collection services.

Home blood draw concerns both vulnerable groups or people with disabilities and employees or institutions.

After telephone communication, our specialized phlebotomists will come to collect the blood sample at the place you indicate and at the time agreed.

For your best service, it is recommended to make an appointment 1-2 days earlier than the date you wish to perform the examination.

The service is available for Nea Moudania and the surrounding areas with a 30 km maximum travel distance.  

Έμπειροι Αιμολήπτες

Experienced Phlebotomists

Well-trained phlebotomists come to your place to collect the blood sample.

Αξιόπιστος Εξοπλισμός

Reliable Equipment

Special blood collection tubes and portable insulated medical bags for proper transportation of samples to the laboratory.

Ταχύτατη Εξυπηρέτηση

Fast Service

Quick provision of services at the place and time of your convenience following an appointment.

Έγκυρα Αποτελέσματα

Valid Results

Certified procedures and external quality control for valid results.

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