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Operating since October 2007 in Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki, PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center performs a broad range of diagnostic tests. Aiming at securing the highest standards of credibility and quality criteria, the medical laboratory has an ISO 9001:2015 certification and participates in external quality assessment schemes.

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Experienced Staff

We have a skilled and experienced team that consists of a Medical Biopathologist, a Molecular Biologist, and Medical Laboratory Technologists. With continuous training in new scientific developments, our staff is qualified to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests and provide high-quality services.

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Modern Laboratory

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and biochemical analyzers of well-known brands that provide fast, accurate and reliable results. Our equipment is constantly updated to meet the highest performance standards, while our lab stands out for its clean, tidy and pleasant environment.

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Patient-Centered Care

We approach every patient with respect, dignity and compassion, providing care responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values. We want all our patients to have the best possible experience at our diagnostic center. Creating a climate of trust and understanding is our top priority.

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Diagnostic – Microbiology Laboratory in Nea Moudania

Working with the highest quality standards and investing in well-trained staff, PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center offers specialized diagnostic services.

ISO Quality Certification

The laboratory has an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification for conducting laboratory tests on biological samples.

Internal & External Controls

Accuracy of laboratory results ensured by the Accreditation of Internal Quality Assurance of Medisyn and the Accreditation of External Quality Assurance of the University of Athens.

Contracted with Public Insurance Funds

Our laboratory is contracted with EOPYY, as well as the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense, therefore it also covers patients from the Army and the Coast Guard.

Personal Data – GDPR

Our laboratory fully observes the regulations of the legislation for the protection of personal data and implements all the relevant protocols.


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PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center performs blood and other biological fluid analyses for diagnostic purposes.


Check the Diagnostic Tests We Perform

Our well-trained staff performs a range of diagnostic tests in the shortest possible time.


Fully-Automated Processes

From the moment the patients enter the laboratory building until the release of the test results, all processes are fully automated to minimize the human error factor.


Data registration

The patient provides his data to the front desk, in accordance with the GDPR rules. The data are submitted to the laboratory information system (LIS).


Sample collection

The LIS prints a unique barcode with information about the patient and his diagnostic tests. The barcode is attached to the test tube, where the biological sample is collected.


Analysis and Results

The test tube with the biological sample and its unique barcode is put into the appropriate analyzer. The scheduling and the execution of the examinations are done automatically, without human intervention. The results are automatically exported to the LIS and evaluated thoroughly by the Medical Biopathologist, based on the clinical picture and the clinical history of the patient.

Member of the IATRICA network – Partner of the most reliable and well-known Reference Laboratories in Greece and abroad

PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center is a member of the only nationwide network of Primary Health Care, which aims at providing high-quality medical diagnostic services while maintaining a personal approach with each patient. Furthermore, it has a partnership with the most reliable and well-known Reference Laboratories in Greece and abroad to provide the full range of diagnostic laboratory tests, even the most specialized ones. Through IATRICA, patients are entitled to insurance coverage if insured by the following bodies:


Personal Medical Care by Experienced and Specialized Staff

PLUS – Papageorgiou Vasileios Diagnostic Center invests in the continuous training of its employees and a good-quality working environment. With genuine interest and respect, our experienced staff provides the best possible care to every patient.

Papageorgiou Vasileios
Scientific Director of PLUS Diagnostic Center
Papageorgiou Constantinos
Head of Human Resources
Mastori Aikaterini
Head of the Microbiology Laboratory
Karfi Foteini
Head of PLUS Secretariat
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