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What is a Covid Test?

A Covid Test is a diagnostic approach used to detect whether a patient has been infected by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Covid-19 infection can be detected with three methods:

  • Rapid antigen detection testing (Rapid Test)
  • Molecular testing for the genetic material of the virus (PCR Test)
  • Serology testing for antibodies (Antibody Test)

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and provides different indications.

The test results are evaluated along with the clinical picture of the patient and his contacts with potential or suspected cases.

A negative result does not exclude infection. The credibility of the test results depends on the precise time of the patient’s potential infection.

For the selection of the appropriate diagnostic approach and its execution time, you should consult your doctor.

What is a Rapid Test for Covid?

A Rapid Test is an immunological test used to detect Covid-19 antigens in a sample of nasal or nasopharyngeal smear. The rapid antigen procedure is quick, cost-effective, and does not require specialized equipment or knowledge.

However, it has limited sensitivity compared to molecular methods, which means a relatively high probability of false-positive or false-negative results. It is mainly suitable for large-scale mass checks.

What is a PCR Test for Covid?

A PCR Test is an immunological test that uses the polymerase chain reaction to identify Covid-19 genetic material in samples taken from the nasopharynx. Molecular testing is considered the most reliable method for the diagnosis of the coronavirus, due to its high sensitivity and specificity.

However, the time of its application must be chosen carefully. If performed too early or too late in the course of the infection, it could lead to a misleading negative result, even in infected people.

What is an Antibody Test for Covid?

An Antibody Test is a serological test that detects the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the patient’s blood. The specific diagnostic test is performed on the later stages of infection when antibodies have been formed.

A positive result confirms that the patient had a recent or past infection and indicates a possible presence of immunity. However, it is not yet known how strong this immunity is and how long it lasts.

Furthermore, people who are asymptomatic or have a mild illness may not develop a high volume of antibodies. So, a negative result does not exclude a previous infection.

Covid Test at PLUS diagnostic center

PLUS diagnostic center performs daily PCR Tests, Rapid Tests, and Antibody Tests for the detection of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The laboratory has specialized staff and special equipment for the valid diagnosis of Covid-19.

The collection of samples takes place at specially designed areas for SARS-CoV-2 sampling.

Specialized Personnel

Well-trained medical staff that receives and checks the samples, following all the safety protocols.

maglumi 800

Special Analyzers Maglumi 800, Sansure Biotech iPonatic

Use of state-of-the-art immunoassay analyzer for valid results in a short period of time. Use of molecular analyzer for the PCR molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2.

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