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What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the procedure of using a needle to take blood from a vein. It is also known as blood draw, venipuncture,and blood sampling.

During the procedure, specialized phlebotomists collect blood specimens in blood collection tubes, using disposable needles and syringes. The amount of collected blood depends on the type of the diagnostic test.

Venous blood sampling is an important tool for laboratory testing and a necessary step to diagnose many medical conditions.

What are the steps of the phlebotomy procedure?

The phlebotomy procedure is quite simple and is completed within a few minutes. The patient sits on the blood drawing chair and places his hand on the armrest.

The phlebotomist applies a tourniquet in the middle of the patient’s arm and selects the appropriate vein by palpation. Then, he prepares the venipuncture area to ensure aseptic blood sampling.

During the venipuncture procedure, a sterile needle is inserted into the patient’s vein from the inside surface of his elbow.

After taking the sample, the phlebotomist loosens the tourniquet and places a dry cotton ball on the venipuncture site. With gentle movements, he removes the needle and immediately applies constant pressure on the spot for one or more minutes.

The patient stays in the room for a few more minutes to make sure that he feels well. When he is confident that he feels alright, he leaves the diagnostic center.

Pediatric and neonatal blood sampling

PLUS diagnostic center has a well-trained and experienced staff in pediatric and neonatal blood sampling.

The collection of blood is done quickly and painlessly with the use of the appropriate tools. In particular, our phlebotomists use the Vein Viewer Flex device to easily locate the optimal vein puncture site for perfect blood sampling from the first puncture.

Our goal is to make the procedure as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our little friends and their parents.

Phlebotomy services at PLUS diagnostic center

Using modern venipuncture methods, PLUS diagnostic center collects blood from neonates, children and adults for a wide range of diagnostic services.

Εξειδικευμένο Προσωπικό

Specialized Staff

Blood collection by experienced and fully trained phlebotomists.

Ανώδυνη Διαδικασία

Painless Procedure

Small syringe needles and innovative devices for painless blood sampling.

Έγκυρες Μετρήσεις

Valid Measurements

High-precision analyzers for reliable results.

Γρήγορα Αποτελέσματα

Fast Test Results

Flexible delivery of test results at the shortest possible time.

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